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                              Performance diagnostics

Everyone benefits from performance diagnostics – from beginners to top athletes
With our performance diagnostic test procedures, we determine your current training status and nutrition track your performance development. Our core competency is individual training advice and nutritional advice tailored to your personal goals.

Body diagnosis patient performance analysis performance diagnostics posture scan back posture posture training endurance test training status training planning fat percentage in the body muscle percentage and body water in the patient

Bioimpedance analysis

Exact determination of water balance, muscle mass and fat mass. Easy-to-understand graphics illustrate body composition e.g. B. compared to reference values. Successes of nutrition and training measures are easily visualized. 

Haltun's scan

Posture analysis to detect possible misalignments. The body scan provides an exact overview of your body and identifies potential misalignments

Endurance test

  • Conconi test: Sports motor test to record general aerobic endurance and to determine the anaerobic threshold.

Performance test

After a detailed analysis of your training habits and based on your test results, you will receive

  • a detailed evaluation discussion with a personal assessment according to your objectives,

  • individual training advice tailored to your goals and

  • additional information on competition, regeneration and nutrition


The meta check concept:

The determination of the of CoGap defined meta and sport types and their expression enables a personal, Nutrition and training planning tailored to the individual.

Achieve weight loss with the Meta Check Gen diet. On geneticsAt the shear level you can find small variants in the DNA that help decide which Makronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fat) can be efficiently metabolized by the body and which cannot. In short, genetic variations ensure that every person processes things differently.

The aim is to offer individual support for long-term weight loss and to achieve lasting personal well-being.

  • We are here to provide you with professional advice so that you can get the most out of your training time.

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