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Welcome to Bösch Personal Training Basel
With 8 reasons to achieve your goal!!

I will give you eight reasons why with personal coaching you will achieve your goals faster and more sustainably! Advantage number 1 Bösch Personal Training is goal-oriented! Anyone who does sports always pursues goals: losing weight, increasing fitness, building muscles, living a healthier lifestyle or becoming more successful in sports. We help you to develop the optimal strategy for your individual needs and goals based on a detailed performance analysis and anamnesis. YOU ARE THE FOCUS! Our personal training takes into account not only pure training, but also important aspects of nutrition, regeneration and well-being, so that an all-round healthy and effective fitness program is created.

According to scientific studies, around 80% stop exercising regularly in January because of their good intentions! This cannot happen to you with personal coaching. Five and regular personal coaching will help you incorporate personal training into your life as a habit. This will help you achieve consistency and long-term, sustainable change. Because our job is to motivate you so that the “inner weaker dog” that sometimes arises is defeated and you continually achieve new top performance in training.

Trial training in the gym, sign the contract and start. But then come the first questions: Which exercises will help you to reach your goal? What intensity and scope of training? Which exercises should you do if you have pain? What else should you pay attention to besides training? You will find the answers to these questions here a detailed performance analysis and anamnesis in which all movements are checked. On this basis we can then create an optimal and individual training plan for you.

There are more and more fitness options available almost every day. Have you already lost track? Which training is best for you? Through the analysis, we know your physical requirements and can recommend the best training options for you. We will create a training plan for you with exercises that are tailored precisely to your current fitness level and your goals.

Morning in the park: Sport, fresh air and enjoying the sun! In the evening in the personal training studio. Or would you rather at your home or in the company club? Bösch Personal Training can take place anywhere. You decide, we are very flexible and take your wishes seriously. The personal training appointments take place wherever and however it best suits your everyday life.

Time factor: In the gym, most people spend 1 hour or even 2 hours there training and thus lose valuable time! Not only that, do you also have to create a training plan yourself? With us you can reach your goals faster and save a maximum of time today. At Bösch Personal Training we want to get the most out of you in 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Actively organize and use break times.

In-depth knowledge of a personal coach? Oh...not just something in a training plan Everything to consider is important! How do I control the intensity of the period during training to make progress? What about the various injuries, incorrect loading, pain, how should I train? when you alone without Training with support in the gym? We are certified experts in personal coaching and are experts through years of practical experience as well as in-depth training and knowledge in sport. We accompany you and give you tips and support in and around training. We also have knowledge of nutrition, regeneration and mindset, which play a key role in fitness success.

Are you training regularly but barely seeing any progress? Has your weight been stagnating for a few weeks? You don't see any improvement even though you're always training? That's exactly when you need one “Professional” personal coach. We create a precise analysis and adapt the training plan according to training content. We review the periodization of training. We ensure that you can finally train effectively again and achieve new top performances on a regular basis

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