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Golftrainer Fitness EMS Training Schweiz
Golftrainer Fitness Basel
Fitness Golftrainer EMS Training
EMS Golftrainer Basel Schweiz

Golf Basel das Fitnesstenrum einzigartiges Personaltraining mit EMS-Training.

Important: EMS golf sport should always be carried out under expert professional guidance in order to train the whole body safely and efficiently, EMS training addresses the deep muscles and the broad muscles (electric muscle stimulation) intensive muscle building without joint strain in just 20 minutes 1 –2 Weekly is a form of training in which electrical impulses are used to stimulate the type 1 strength endurance muscles and the type 2 speed muscles, which are important for golfers. Here is some important information for successful golf. I create goal-oriented fitness programs for golfers of all levels. These are based on individual performance diagnostics and golf-specific fitness exercises promote strength, stability, mobility and coordination balance in the game of golf.

Golfing after an injury: Getting back into golf is not easy A tried and tested and highly effective method for targeted muscle building after breaks due to injury is training with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). But how exactly does EMS work and how can ambitious golfers benefit from it? Returning to work after surgery or injury is a challenge that should not be underestimated. The longer the forced rest phase, the more the muscles in the affected body region have regressed. Your fitness and mobility are also noticeably worse after a break from training. In addition, there is often a certain uncertainty, especially when it comes to the movement in which you sustained the injury: Can you really stand firmly again or dare to make a swinging turn? Classic rehabilitation: applications and physiotherapy This is exactly where rehabilitation medicine comes into play. In addition to physical applications such as massages to relax tense muscles, physiotherapy with a physiotherapist is particularly useful. As a certified personal trainer, I take on the development of strength and stamina with EMS training, the selection of exercises and the instructions for the training, individually tailored specifically for golfers. The training is the key to success and in any case the gradual increase in the load and the observance of the correct movement sequences .

Was ist EMS Training ? Mit einem Schwellstrom von bis zu 85 Hertz werden die Muskeln so stimuliert, dass sie anspannen. Dafür zieht man einen zweiteiligen, hautengen Sportanzug an. Danach werden eine Weste und verschiedene Gurte umgelegt, die man vorher mit warmem Wasser besprüht hat um die Leitfähigkeit zu erhöhen. Dann passt man die Stromstärke an jedes Körperteil individuell an. Man spürt dabei eine leichte Vibration. So verkabelt macht man verschiedene Halteübungen wie in einem herkömmlichen Krafttraining. Es wird einmal pro Woche für 20 Minuten trainiert.

Endurance, hitting power and coordination: How golf challenges the body. The physical challenge of golf is often underestimated in Europe and sometimes even laughed at - on average you walk 12-15 km across the golf course. Of course, this isn’t directly comparable to a cardio workout, but you have to be fit to do these distances.” In addition, there is the downstroke, an explosive development of force that requires the smooth interaction of muscles and joints. And not just once, but “about 72 strokes in an 18-hole round,”

How you can improve your golf swing with EMS training: I will create an individual EMS training program for golfers that trains the most important muscle groups that are most often used. We train the chest and shoulder muscles involved in the golf swing, which are responsible for the hitting movement. In addition, the back muscles are used, the trunk, buttocks muscles and leg muscles ensure a stable stance. More strength can lead to higher hitting speed and longer drives, provided that You have the right technique, which you can improve with your golf instructor. I also really enjoy working in a team with your golf instructor.

Koordination mit Elektromuskelstimulation (EMS) ist eine effektive Methode zur Verbesserung der koordinativen Fähigkeiten. Beim EMS-Training werden über 90 Prozent der Muskelfasern gleichzeitig trainiert, einschließlich der tiefer liegenden Muskeln. Hier sind einige wichtige Informationen zum EMS-Training in Bezug auf Koordination: 1.Intra- und Intermuskuläre Koordination: EMS verbessert die intra- und intermuskuläre Koordination. Das bedeutet, dass die Kommunikation zwischen den Muskeln und die Abstimmung ihrer Bewegungen optimiert werden. Dies ist besonders für Golfer wichtig, da ein geschmeidiger Bewegungsablauf beim Schwung entscheidend ist. 2.Muskelansprache: Durch die elektrischen Impulse werden die Muskeln gezielt angesprochen. Dies hilft, die Kontrolle und Präzision bei Bewegungen zu erhöhen. 3.Vermeidung von Dysbalancen: EMS kann einseitige muskuläre Fehlbelastungen und Dysbalancen verhindern. Es fördert ein ausgewogenes Muskelwachstum und verbessert die Stabilität. 4.Schnelle Ergebnisse: EMS ermöglicht intensive Trainingseinheiten in kurzer Zeit. Die Kombination aus Muskelstimulation und koordinativem Training kann zu schnellen Fortschritten führen.

Coordination plays a crucial role in golf... 1.Sense of Balance: Stable balance is essential for a good golf swing. When standing and swinging, the golfer should be able to maintain their balance in order to effectively transfer power to the ball 2.Hand-eye coordination: The ability to hit the ball accurately requires excellent hand-eye coordination. Golfers have to approach the ball at the right moment and with the right technique. 3.Corso rotation: Upper body rotation is a central part of the golf swing. Efficient torso rotation enables a powerful yet controlled swing to control balance. 4.Rhythm in the game of golf is crucial. It directly influences ball contact, ball trajectory, distance control and timing for maximum power. Every golfer has an individual rhythm that must be learned through targeted training.

EMS training for golfers Conclusion: As a personal trainer and expert in the field of EMS training and golf, I can confirm how effective EMS training is for physical fitness and not least for slimming. Or to put it another way: Instead of spending unnecessarily long sessions in the gym, you have more time for the golf course!

If you have already learned a good technique, I will create an EMS training tailored to you, the exercise selection tailored to you and a training plan tailored to your golf training and competition. The aim is to increase your muscle strength and improve your balance and coordination. The results are achieved much more quickly than with conventional muscle training. Your shot will be further and more precise and your body won't tire as quickly. This will make you enjoy playing golf even more.

Where does EMS personal training take place? -indoors at your place -outdoors -on the golf course -at our personal training studio Weinlagerstrasse 11 4056 Basel. -Golf course training and accompanying tournament training Just call me or send me an email. Best wishes Patrick Bösch

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