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  • Whey protein concentrate + isolate

  • High BCAA content

  • Fat free

  • 9 vitamins PLUS calcium PLUS magnesium


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  • Anyone trying to build muscle mass or maintain muscle mass during the diet phase must supply the body with sufficient protein or amino acids - especially after training. Our INKOSPOR® WHEY PROTEIN is composed in such a way that the muscle cells are quickly supplied with amino acids and so optimal protein synthesis - i.e. muscle building - can take place. It has been scientifically proven that taking whey protein, compared to soy protein and casein, enables the greatest increase in muscle mass during the resting phase and immediately after exercise. Building muscle mass in particular requires an increased calorie intake, so so-called “hardgainers” have problems even achieving a balanced or increased energy balance. Since our INKOSPOR® WHEY PROTEIN is very soluble and can be drunk like water after training, you don't feel full and can therefore achieve an increased energy balance with a subsequent protein-rich meal. Especially after intensive training sessions and competitions, there is no feeling of hunger (for most athletes) immediately after exercise, so that the so-called anabolic window cannot be optimally used after the training sessions. Because the INKOSPOR® WHEY PROTEIN remains thin, endurance athletes and other high-performance athletes also benefit from whey protein. You will be provided with up to 6000 mg of BCAAs per serving and your body will also receive 9 vitamins and 2 minerals after a hard workout, as these also need to be replenished.

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