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Promote healthy employees
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Your business and your employees deserve the best!

Use the full potential of corporate health management and discover our tailor-made solutions

A studyfor Labor and Social Affairs shows that companies with comprehensive WHM have up to 30 percent fewer absences and up to 40 percent fewer medical costs. Another example is an investigation dhe health insurance company, which shows that companies with a BGM are up to 20 percent more productive than those without measures to promote the health of their employees.


A modern BGM should not only focus on physical health, but also include mental health and work-life balance.


Stress reduction, burnout prevention, back training, yoga courses or time management workshops are just a few examples of measures that can increase employee well-being and lead to higher work performance. Simply using strength equipment in the context of a collaboration is not a modern, holistic approach. Our goal here is to create measurable added value for each of your employees using a wide variety of approaches and support.


We offer you a comprehensive BGM program that is tailored to the individual needs and goals of your company. From analyzing the current situation to planning and implementation through to evaluation, we support you in introducing a successful WHM concept. Our aim is to work with you to integrate another department into your company. The “Health” department, which is part of your permanent structures and is primarily organized and managed by us. 

My practical tip: health days

  • As a certified specialist, I would be happy to help you in company health management, to implement or offer company fitness in your company and, on the other hand, to carry out ergonomic consultations and implement measures on site. Offering fitness training or group fitness as part of company health management or as an individual service in your company.

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Get in touch now for a free, non-binding consultation for your employee fitness.

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health Management

  • ​Company health management (BGM) has many advantages, to name just a few.

  • Exercise has been proven to reduce stress levels and exercise helps your team

  • effective in reducing stress.

  • Your workforce will become more mentally and physically balanced - and

  • healthier in the long term.​

  • Sport motivates and makes you productive.

  • Sporting challenges increase your motivation

  • Employees – and that also in everyday work.

  • Sport reduces sickness absence

  • Sporty and fit employees are less likely to be absent due to illness.

  • With company fitness you can actively prevent illnesses such as:

  • Heart or back problems and lifestyle

  • Diseases such as diabetes.

  • Don't hesitate and arrange a non-binding consultation today

  • Consultation on practical implementation of the WHM process

  • Company seminars, lectures on health and mental positivity in life.

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